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This blog had moved. Now more pictures and more fun on www.nailartworld.blogspot.com 

Elena Evtuhova - my favorite nail master

Here are some of the works of one of my favorite professional nail master. I get a greate inspiration from her workd and really admire it. Even thouth i am not a professional and nail-art is only my hobby.

Picture are from the web site http://www.nogti.com/ 

Aquarium nails

Here are the video of making the aquarium nails. Some people believe that this is too much and that no one would make those nails for real life. Well, to tell you the true i dream about find the way to make those nails or at least nails like those at home for myself, and on the natural nails. I really like the idea of having a moving objects inside the nails. The bad thing is that i have nether seen nail-tips like this  - with the space inside.
Actually i tried this one with other colors too - and it was really cool. And very easy to make

Nail for Okasna

Old pictures

Exeperiments with french manicure on the nails of my Russian freind Yulia

Some of the old pictures